Welcome to Sunniside Riding Club, which was founded over 35 years ago.

Riding Clubs are affiliated to the BHS and arranged into Areas. Sunniside is part of Area 2 which stretches from Yarm in the south to the Scottish Borders in the north and across into Cumbria.

The club consists of both riding and non-riding members and there are plenty of event opportunities for all to partake in.


“The last year has been one of change and reorganisation. We have said goodbye to some of our former committee members and also welcomed existing and new members to the team. So I would like to say thank you to everyone for their hard work, support and patience, especially during a very difficult time when the pandemic brought our plans to a halt and lots of change to the team.


Although I took over as Chairman in July 2021, I have tried to ensure that the main aims of the riding club movement were upheld. Therefore we have training scheduled every month throughout the year on the second Tuesday of each month. We also organise an event every month, which are both mounted and unmounted. As a club, we aim to be inclusive for riders and non-riders, therefore you don’t need a horse to take part.


One of our main aims over the coming year is to recruit more members into our club to help enhance our profile. We are always interested to hear from members and non-members as to what they would like to see or take part in - with fun, education and teamwork in mind.


Please do contact me with any ideas.”


Carole Swinburn – Chairman of Sunniside Riding Club